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By Michelle Pulfrey | Contributor


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Photo credit courtesy of Snif, Mob Beauty, Noto Botanics, JeccaBlac

At Tableau, we think inclusivity is a beautiful thing, and we're happy to see that beauty industry innovators agree. From genderless scents to gender-fluid makeup, and from color palettes for every skin tone to products designed with the LGBTQ+ community in mind, we celebrate beauty for everyone.


Snif is a new direct-to-consumer concept: a premier fragrance brand, from the way you try it to the way you buy it. Snif allows you to scroll through its offerings online and create a “bundle kit” of three high-quality scents to try for free for seven days. Once your order arrives, you will only be charged for what you keep. Don’t like it? No problem — send it right back. The scents are super clean, vegan and cruelty-free, with no synthetic dyes, parabens or preservatives. They are also completely genderless and totally based upon your palate for scent. No matter if your nose picks spicy or sweet, floral, woodsy or musk, the folks at Snif have made the process easy. If you decide to keep your 30ml bottle, it’ll run you $65. SNIF.CO  and IG: @SNIF.CO


Mob Beauty offers infinitely customizable compacts and palettes, allowing you to make purposeful choices by buying only shades you will use. With a heavy focus on sustainable packaging and reducing the waste of the use of single-use plastics in the beauty industry, Mob Beauty designed an earth-first packaging system to be endlessly reusable and refillable. Start with its online menu by selecting your skin tone, followed by the type and size palate you want to create. Then, fill it up with your choice of several options of cruelty-free, vegan eyeshadows, cream clay blushes, blush, highlighters, bronzers, or cake liners. Mob Beauty palettes start around $35 for the smallest option and up to $135 for the largest size.  MOBBEAUTY.COM and IG: @THEMOBBEAUTY

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Photo credit courtesy of Mob Beauty



Photo credit courtesy of Noto Botanics

A skincare line created in the California kitchen of makeup artist Gloria Noto, Noto Botanics was born from an idea during a life-changing trip to Thailand. Gloria was inspired to create a gender-fluid, multiuse, clean cosmetics line. She quit her job and began the process of stripping away chemicals, filler and pollutants from the types of products she loved, and restructured them to better reflect the current beauty and wellness industry. Noto Botanics is meant for all skin types, creating the “Noto Glow” with regular use. Start with The Wash ($38), then polish and exfoliate with the Resurface scrub ($34). Follow with the Noto Deep Serum ($56) for an ultra-hydrated glow. What’s more, your Noto Botanics purchase matters: A percentage of the sales from Agender Oil is donated to dozens of organizations, including Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, The Love Land Foundation and more. NOTOBOTANICS.COM  and IG: @NOTO_BOTANICS


Jessica Blackler found a niche in the beauty space, using her talents as a freelance television and film makeup artist to help trans women gain knowledge about cosmetics. Inspired to create a brand that spoke to the needs in the trans community, Jessica first launched her line Jecca Blac with the Correct & Conceal palette that provided a base foundation and addressed beard shadow coverage, blemishes, dark eye circles and blue veins. Now, Jecca Blac offers several items in its collection, from Glow Drops to primer, and play pots to long-lasting lipsticks. The Jecca Blac Instagram and website offers unique tutorials from real customers showing how to best use the products (which are now available at Walmart). On a mission to break down stigma and bring the community together, Jessica also created the Trans Festival, held once a year in London. US.JECCABLAC.COM and IG: @JECCABLAC


Photo credit courtesy of Jecca Blac

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