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Your Favorite Design Series

By Madelyn Sutherland | Contributor


Episode 5 Thumbnail PC Cameron Scott Cre

Photo credit courtesy of  Room & Board, Calligaris, Famosa, Brown Jordan, Roche Bobois, Design Within Reach, Lightopia, and Ligne Roset

SOCO’s Masters of Design (M.O.D.) series has two all-new episodes releasing soon!  One will focus on outdoor entertaining, while the other dives into design that doubles as art – and we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek at both in this issue of Tableau.  


Outdoor Entertaining (Episode #5)

We all know outdoor entertaining is a summer essential here in Southern California, and if we missed anything this past year due to COVID, it’s been gathering with the people we love.  As it becomes safe to gather once again, we can hardly wait for the smell of barbecue grills, the sound of splashing in the pool, laughter of kids playing, and families enjoying the company of loved ones. Outdoor entertaining is a summertime staple, and we are thrilled for the return of backyard soirees just in time for the new season.

The extraordinary showrooms at SOCO have everything you need to transform your alfresco space into an area perfect for entertaining and relaxing.  Whether you are planning gatherings with family and friends, or just looking to unwind outside on a sunny day, SOCO has what you need to make the most of summer.  Be sure to tune in online at to watch the episode and check out all the must-have products you need to elevate your outdoor space in preparation for summertime fun.

Room & Board Montego Table.png


Room & Board believes in creating outdoors spaces that are as beautiful and functional as what’s inside your home.  Their modern outdoor lounge furniture is so stylish and comfortable, you might even be tempted to bring it indoors!  The Montego outdoor sofa features a striking mix of out-door grade stainless steel, and will catch your eye with its modern, durable style.


The Skin Chair from Calligaris is perfect for those who love to entertain – its stackable, lightweight build makes it effortless to add some extra seating when guests are over. This versatile product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the fun color offerings are guaranteed to add some spice to your soiree.

Calligaris Skin Chair.jpg
Famosa - PC Famosa.png


When it comes to bold tiles and beautiful stone, Famosa’s unique offerings takes things to the next level. Their stunning textiles can completely transform your outdoor space into a backyard oasis filled with personality and style. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your pool to be unique and luxurious, or wanting to add some style to your outdoor kitchen, Famosa is the perfect place to shop for all your outdoor surfaces.


No one quite does outdoor furnishings like Brown Jordan, and for the past 75 years, they have been the industry leader in luxury outdoor furniture – specifically known for its iconic and award-winning designs. The Still Collection, designed by Richard Frinier, is sculpted with softened edges and angles, and instantly conveys the message of serenity – perfect for outdoor hospitality.

Brown Jordan - Still Collection.jpg

Art Meets Design (Episode #6)

We can’t think of anything better than home furnishings and accessories that serve more than one purpose, and SOCO is without a doubt the top destination for finding strikingly unique décor pieces that double as works of art.  Investing in statement pieces will bring bold style and exceptional personality to your home, and with unlimited options, you can create a livable, conversation-worthy atmosphere that sparks renewed creativity.  This episode will take you one step closer toward art collector status.

Episode 6 M.O.D. PC Cameron Scott Creati


Roche Bobois’ Lift Sideboard Bar is a true work of art and features a very unique function that allows the storage unit to electrically rise. The exquisite facade is made of one smooth uninterrupted piece of thermoformed PMMA and the glossy finish adds a layer of beauty.

Roche Bobois Lifted Bar.png


The Wilkes sofa, designed with a distinctive, rounded silhouette, leans towards organic shapes and will bring a fresh look and clean-lined comfort to your living space.

Wilks Sofa (Design Within Reach).png


Lightopia brings charming style and allure in the form of light fixtures, and the Glacier Island Wave Pendant has a unique array of clear crystal rods that will glisten and light up your living spaces. Whether the light is on or off, the blend of form and design is truly stunning.

Lightopia - PC Lightopia.png
Ligne Roset Togo Sofa.JPG


The eye-catching Togo Sofa from Ligne Roset is both visually attractive and physically inviting – making for a total statement piece blended with modern luxury and contemporary design.


The Authentic Style of Kennedy Cole Interior Design

By Robin Hoik Phillips | Contributor


Photo credit: Chad Mellon

It wasn’t too long into internships at an interior design firm that Lindsay Stokes Kennedy and Alexandra Cole recognized they shared a vision for great design.  “We had this wonderful collaborative flow and complementary approach,” explains Stokes Kennedy.  The two talented designers soon ventured out on their own creating Three Salt Design Co., a full-service interior design firm based in Huntington Beach which quickly earned industry accolades and positive client word-of-mouth.  As they completed projects and their business grew in scope, it became obvious that their style was indeed distinctly unique, and the company deserved an eponymous name.  “We’ve rebranded and revitalized to be Kennedy Cole Interior Design, and are so excited for our clients and new projects,” says Cole.


The duo grew up on separate coasts, and each brings a different perspective to her design.  Born in San Francisco, Stokes Kennedy is a die-hard Californian, and the coastal lifestyle is a priority for her.  At one point she thought she might be a novelist, but after a stint in the corporate world she knew she needed to unleash her creative talents, which began with television and film set design.  “I discovered quickly my innate passion for curating and creating interiors that people loved,” she says.  It wasn’t too long before she realized she should pursue a career in interior design, and after studying at the Art Institute of California, she landed the design firm internship where she met her future business partner.


Hailing from the East Coast and growing up in New York, Cole knew she wanted to be an interior designer from a young age.  “It is what I’ve loved since I can remember,” she explains.  “In high school, I took interior design classes, rearranged rooms, and helped friends and family with all of their design problems and questions.”  At the Art Institute of California she honed her talents more.  “I strive for a balance of East-coast character and West-coast ease,” she says.  And she loves finding solutions to design challenges.  “I am so pleased when Lindsay and I can personalize a house.  Helping our clients understand and translate their aesthetic needs is how we transform a house into a home.”


“For each space we touch, the ultimate goal is function, interest, and longevity,” explains Stokes Kennedy.  Although they stay abreast of what is hot and happening, Kennedy Cole Interior Design isn’t overly concerned with the latest trends.  “If we see something over and over, and we think it might not just be beautiful but also a smart addition to our clients’ design scheme, we will find ways to incorporate it,” explains Kennedy.  For example, chunky versus slim countertops – Lindsay and Alex see how those new looks might be ideally suited for different projects.  Overall, their goal is to create spaces that are deeply personal and customized to their clients’ needs.  Their fans would agree that the Kennedy Cole signature is clean lines, sleek finishes, and well-made custom furniture and textiles that not only look beautiful but also provide a timeless look and feel.

By Design Collage.jpg


The word authentic pervades everything Lindsay and Alex do, and they practice what they preach using their own unique process.  “We get to the real heart of who our client is, how they live in their space, and what is compatible with their aesthetic needs in order to be comfortable in their homes,” explains Stokes Kennedy.  Finding out these important details often involves questionnaires they send along to prospective clients.  “We send one – and then maybe another – if we feel we need even more information and perspective,” remarks Cole.  After reviewing and meeting with the client, they are ready to dive in to figure out what a space might look like and how it might function best.


Great interior design solves problems without sacrificing beauty or comfort. Kennedy Cole is adept at tackling design issues whether big or small.  For one project they were brought in and helped resolve a challenge.  “For this particular home, there had been demolition and the client wanted a wine storage area.  We were able to see that one could be built on the side of the staircase in an area no one had thought of before,” explains Cole.  “Our client was so thrilled. We love finding smart solutions, especially when you might not be working with a vast amount of space – something that often happens in California!”


The designers feel that curating the ideal design for a home is an intimate experience, and they work hard to uncover the rhythms and rituals of their clients’ daily lives in order to create authentic environments that marry luxury and livability.  “The home should be designed to reflect and serve the lifestyle of those who live, work, and play under its roof – and that’s what we’re committed to doing,” explains Stokes Kennedy.


While they love to work on a scheme for an entire home, they also have their favorites spaces.  “I am a master bedroom person,” says Stokes Kennedy with a laugh.  “I love a primary suite – with a fireplace – it’s like a little house and an area that should be very special and intimate.”  Cole is drawn to a kitchen design or remodel.  “I just love the technical aspects of designing a kitchen, along with incorporating beauty into it.  Whether the client cooks or bakes or both, if they need wine storage, how they entertain – all of these questions are exciting to me to have answered and then presented in the design.  It’s a puzzle that I love to put together,” says Cole.


Overall, their passion is helping clients find what truly makes them enjoy living in their homes. Often people don’t know what they want and Kennedy Cole is there to guide them. “Sometimes you can order a million coffee tables but it’s still not right – and then you realize you need an ottoman!” says Cole. Since the pandemic with people spending more time at home and in their home offices the duo has seen a big movement toward reimaging spaces, like the dining room and other formal areas. “I think that now people are realizing that there’s no point to having ‘the no-fun room’ anymore, every room can and should be a place to enjoy,” says Cole.


What project haven’t they done yet they’re hoping to tackle?  “A mountain retreat,” says Stokes Kennedy.  “And Beyoncé’s house too!” she says with a big laugh.

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